21 December 2008

idle(prattle): the greatness of the shopping cart

Last weekend as I started Christmas shopping for my friends and family, I ended up at a mall that I have never been to before and was warned that it was not that great. But I felt that anything was better than watching a bunch of boys play rock band. The warnings were right and overall it was kind of depressing.  Surprisingly, it was not crowded.  I came across a bookstore and picked up a few "bestseller" presents. I was feeling pretty good about the whole gifting experience until I walked about three stores down. Heavy books + walking = not fun.

I passed the locked up strollers and I was tempted to rent one, if only I had a child.  I could just pretend that one was buried somewhere underneath all my books and sweaters. Oh well,  I would just have to suck it up. I ducked into one of the department stores to get a gift for my mom.  To my right, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a shopping cart. Yet, it was compact with little pockets and the wheels, aerodynamic. I slowly walked toward it like it was some sort of mythical creature. I was kind of confused because I have never seen a department store have a shopping cart before. But I was not going to complain due to my aching shoulder and numb fingers.

I spent more time and money then I planned, as I glided through the store - throwing hats, scarves, shoes, everything in my cart. This is great! Why don't more department stores have shopping carts? I know it might seem a little tacky, but I had never been so happy and spent more money because I didn't have to carry anything. I went into another department store and they had carts too! Okay, this mall is not as bad as I thought. I did not find anything at that store, but it was nice to take a break from lugging bags around.

25 November 2008

vital(scene): for the love of labels - the art of designer ready-to-wear

For the Love of Labels: the Art of Designer Ready-to-Wear is an exhibit featuring items from UGA's Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection housed at the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors. The exhibit explores ready-to-wear creations by celebrated fashion designers. Some of the labels featured -- Burberry, Chanel, Halston, Christian Lacroix, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Missoni and Christian Dior.

I just happened to stumble across this exhibit while visiting the Lyndon House for a totally different mission; but I am very glad that I found it. Having my camera at the ready for my top secret mission (read: eddingway anningplay), I snapped the entire exhibit which can be found in one of my Flickr sets. I totally recommend visiting in person to get the full effect, but it's understandable not all will be able to overcome the time-space-physical proximity-barrier.

   "While this dress may seem extreme and unique through the eyes of a 21st century citizen, it is actually a classy version of what was popular in the 1970s."   

Each piece is accompanied by more than just a description of the designer and the year debuted; the text also includes how the particular piece is a reflection of the entire label and puts in context the time in which it was fashionable - if there is any doubt that it wasn't. For example, a Frankie Welch gown designed to celebrate Jimmy Carter’s presidential inauguration that’s happens to be made with a peanut print. Get it?

For the Love of Labels will be on display until January 20, 2009 at the Lyndon House Arts Center (293 Hoyt Street; Athens, Georgia).

27 October 2008

flash(back): daria

Sandi: As president of the fashion club, I'm calling an emergency meeting right now.

Stacy: But Sandi! I swear this shirt is 100% cotton. It just looks like a blend!

Sandi: Stacy, if you're finished with your unsolicited outburst on fiber content, I'd like to call your attention to the fact that we're surrounded by moving fashion violations!
photo cred: mtv

20 September 2008

ciné(screen): coco chanel

Lifetime debut the Coco Chanel movie last Saturday, which is about the 'rags-to-riches'life of Chanel. If you missed it, it is available on iTunes (plus, that way it is only a little over two hours sans commercials).

The film opens in 1954, the year that Chanel staged her comeback into fashion after a self-imposed exile. It is both sad and shocking to see the reaction of her audience. I love historical pieces, but they are always bittersweet. You already know how it is going to end and if the producers stay true to the story, there are always moments where you truly wish you could change history.

The film jumps back and forth to her present and past. I enjoyed seeing the details of her life play out, that are usually only a sentence in a written bio. You see the interaction between Chanel and rival designer Paul Poiret, her love affairs, her overall strong will and sadly her disappointments. Even though Shirley MacLaine gets top billing, I felt that Barbora Bobulova did an amazing job too, playing a young Coco. Definitely worth a watch.

photo cred: lifetime

01 September 2008

03 August 2008

mag(rac): vogue italia

The first time I heard about this issue - incredibly excited. The entire project has been extremely successful with the the first printing selling out in 72 hours. Vogue Italia had to reprint 30,000 extra copies for American newsstands, 10,000 for British newsstands and 20,000 for Italian newsstands. Amazing. When I got my copy of the July 2008 Issue of Vogue Italia - A Black Issue, I really wanted the pink cover with Naomi, but that one was already opened and thumbed through. At a 'crossroad' between the high traffic copy or Liya Kebede, I choose my shrink wrapped red copy with Liya. Stilled rocked.

photo cred: vogue italia

01 June 2008

front(lines): yves saint laurent

Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint-Laurent, 1966

Yves Saint Laurent has passed away at the age of 71, at the Paris home he shared with Pierre Berge.

photo cred: cinebeats

11 May 2008

front(lines): barneys

While I was my doing my obligatory weekly...er sometimes daily Barneys site check, I saw this tease --  Rogan for Target's Go International line will be previewed and sold at Barneys Madison Avenue flagship on Friday until Sunday, and then at Barneys Los Angeles store from May 16 to 18. Barneys will limit purchases to three pieces. The line will only be in stock for five days and, after that shoppers will have to wait for the collection's debut at Target as part of its Go International line on May 18th...not that long.

Barneys sells designer Rogan Gregory's primary line, which features trousers for $230, dresses for $320 and anoraks for $450. Rogan for Target will be priced between $15 and $45.

photo cred: wwd & target

10 May 2008

front(lines): upmarket charity

Oxfam charity has just introduced a new concept in selected "boutiques." Donated clothes will be overhauled by young designers from the London College of Fashion. There will also be clothes and accessories from ethical fashion labels such as People Tree and Wright & Teague.  To celebrate the launch, seven British designers have made one-off pieces using clothes from the charity shop which will be auctioned on eBay. For example, Giles Deacon created a bright orange and green 1950s-style dress made from a pair of curtains and Stephen Jones constructed a hat made from pillowcases printed with a map of London.

Jane Shepherdson, of former Topshop fame, is working behind the scenes with Oxfam on this project. She is quoted as saying - "People don't want to spend money on fast fashion when money is tight. They want sustainable fashion."

I love this idea, they are basically saving us the step of what many usually do with clothes bought from charity shops - reengineering and designing.

photo cred & source: the guardian

04 May 2008

front(lines): theoutnet.com

WWD reports-

Net-a-porter.com's business continues to grow, and the company is moving in new directions. Following a redesign of its Web site that increased sales, the company plans to take advertising in its online magazine and has hired fashion editor Colin McDowell of The Sunday Times of London as creative editor at large to oversee its editorial pages. In the fall, Net-a-porter will open a separate off-price retail site called TheOutnet.com.

I wonder….

03 May 2008

front(lines): m.i.a.

Performer M.I.A. has her own clothing line that includes "items such as bomber jackets, leggings and T-shirts, all done up in the bold hues and graphic prints for which the singer is known." You could probably just go to American Apparel instead and call it a day. But according to her, what makes her line different is - "With my stuff, because everything's really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, 'Oy! Give me my shirt back!" Cute.
photo cred: miauk.com; source: wwd

22 April 2008

ciné(screen): gaslight

As you know I love old movies. I love the history and more importantly the costumes. The only thing that usually bothers me are the dynamics between men and woman....erg, I get so frustrated when the men boss the women around. Their word is final and that is it. Never I healthy compromise.

With that said, I watched Gaslight (1944) tonight starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten and a very young (19) Angela Lansbury (yes, Murder, She Wrote) as a very flirty maid. The movie is about how newlywed Bergman thinks she is going crazy after moving back into her murdered aunt's house. Her husband, Boyer, is actually behind her "insanity" and everytime I watch it,  I just wanted her to stand up for herself.

Gaslight was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress for Ingrid Bergman (win), Best Actor for Boyer (so should of won, based on his facial expressions alone), and Best Supporting Actress for Angela Lansbury.

"Gaslighting" is actually a form of psychological abuse and basically means that a person drives you crazy by denying what is obviously logical or always putting the blame on you. Interesting, right?

from thestylemusings.com
photo cred: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc

10 April 2008

love(notes): tissue pochette

    "A lovely spot for your tissues to live while in your purse or pocket, our Tissue Pochette is made from gorgeously shiny and supple leather and is just the right size to accommodate an individual pack of Kleenex. Available in Gold bless you and Ah-choo Silver"    $45

My first thought - it is A LOT better than the plastic wrapped ones I have in my handbag now. It is called the Tissue Pochette and it is meant to be a holder for your travel size tissues. I like the silver one better because it matches my makeup bag and I'm sure it would enjoy the company. However,  I am smelling a crafting project in my future..

11 March 2008

09 March 2008

direct(transit): practicality is overrated

My best friend was over while I was unpacking and picked this up and asked if it was a bomb. I don't know if I should be worried that she thinks I'm making bombs, or is that more a reflection of her? It is actually my travel jewelry case. We then started talking about how practical the case was and she commented how rare it was for me to have something that practical. Again, should I be worried?

We have all come across something in a store that caught our eye. We picked it up, examined it, thought to ourselves "This would be nice to have. It is "cute" yet practical....but I really don't need it." You put it down and go your merry way. You put it down because it either wasn't (insert adjective) enough, too (insert adjective), diverted your attention from the real shopping mission, or reason that you'll never need an oversized umbrella, right? However, it never fails, a couple days,weeks, months go by and you find yourself wishing that you could replace the impulsive buy of that peach colored tutu with a nice pair of rain boots.

I got my case when I bought my Godmother one as a present. It is easier to buy someone else something practical and you can piggy back. Plus, carrying your jewelry around in a jewelry case is a lot better than carrying your baubles around in this,

When you are traveling, your earrings have a home other than the interior pocket of your handbag. Also, if you carry a large handbag like me, you can get a smaller case to support your traveling wardrobe changes.

A of couple of things to consider:

  • What kind of jewelry do you wear/travel with? For example, an excess of bracelets vs. stud earrings. Inspect the compartments and features to make sure it is made to hold your kind of jewelry. Also, take into consideration size and depth to fit what you need and how you pack.
  • Case (hard) vs. Bag/Roll (soft). I am a little rough, so I prefer a case because I know I am not crushing anything. And I don't have to worry about what I put it beside getting crushed. The hard case is obviously less flexible and tends to take up more space than a bag or roll.
  • Some cases come with a lock, just don't lose the little key. Some cases also come with a mirror which is a nice extra feature and some jewelry rolls double as jewelry cleaning clothes.

from thestylemusings.com
photo cred: jewelry case- caw; freezer bags- glad

29 February 2008

front(lines): luxe news

The Luxury Insitute recently conducted their 2008 Jewelry Brand study. The study was conducted by providing 500+ wealthy consumers (net worths averaged $15.1 million) with a predetermined list of 20 luxury jewelry brands and asked them to rank the names on four key aspects:

♥ superior quality
♥ uniqueness and exclusivity
♥ their social status
♥ which had excellent customer service

The top 10 most prestigious jewelry brands ranked by high net worth consumers:

Overall Luxury Brand Status Index score: 8.14

LBSI score: 8.04

LBSI score: 8.04

LBSI score: 8.01

LBSI score: 7.97

LBSI score: 7.91

LBSI score: 7.9

LBSI score: 7.89

LBSI score: 7.87
"Bulgari is unique and exceedingly elegant"

LBSI score: 7.69

source: wwd

17 February 2008

front(lines): louis vuitton commercial

I posted eariler this month that Louis Vuitton was going to advertise on the television for the first time ever. They are aiming to go more into their roots -- travel -- than the glitz & glam. Here is the first commercial,

14 February 2008

idle(prattle): v-day

THIS is my Valentine's gift from my boyfriend. Jealous much?

One of the reasons that I love my boyfriend (as if THIS wasn't enough) is that when I elbowed and pushed him out of my path to get to the Jimmy Choo boutique, instead of getting upset, I am thinking that he took a mental note that this place might be an important priority. Or if I am looking through one of my magazines and shove a picture of whatever handbag/shoe/dress I am purring over because there isn't anyone else in arm length distance, instead of totally ignoring me...he tries his best to mumble something nice about it.. Now this is a man who does not know a platform from a wedge, but he knows his girl! I am not a huge jewelry person (though if given a piece, I will not turn it down...) but I do love me some shoes. Best. gift. ever.

Happy Valentine's Day!
photo cred: caw

05 February 2008

audio(deck): glow in the dark

I was going to wait until the actual schedule was posted, but I am checking my email & Kanye University like crazy everyday in anticipation. I have listened to Kanye's Graduation album every morning for the past two weeks during my morning commute and it has not yet gotten on my nerves. There are a couple of songs that I am using as my personal theme music to get me through the day. I like Rihanna's style. I have a N.E.R.D song as one of my ring tones and Lupe Fiasco in the car for the way home. I see a party bus in my future.

03 February 2008

front(lines): lv on tv

A still from Vuitton's 90-second ad. It features ordinary people rather than celebrities. ( Louis Vuitton)

Last week, Louis Vuitton announced that it would launch their first ever TV campaign. The first will be a travel-themed 90-second spot that was shot in France, Spain, India and Japan. It will debut Feb. 15 and will run on cable and satellite television channels & in cinemas around the world. Vuitton states that the ads will be shown in "rigorously selected cinemas" and on cable and satellite channels that attract "well-traveled audiences", including CNN, BBC World, and the Golf Channel. And will not be shown on channels such as TF1, which has the biggest audience in France.

This is a huge step for LV and the luxury market, because they tend to advertise in magazines -- specifically to their taget market. By advertising on TV, they are taking luxury mass market. You probably would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of Louis Vuitton, but I bet if you were to dig deeper, fewer would really know the exact pattern, the history, and just the overall feel. I am definitely curious to see the first spot.


02 February 2008

ciné(screen): fashion week sundance style

qui êtes-vous, polly maggoo?

Set your DVRs....This week is a going to be a huge fashion week....on the Sundance Channel. To correspond with Fashion Week, Sundance has a fashion lineup that is sure to turn you into a couch potato.

Savile Row tailor and British design sensation Ozwald Boateng revolutionized the perception of menswear in Europe with his unique blend of traditional elegance and cutting-edge modernity. Now he's set his sights across the Atlantic. House of Boateng follows the fashion legend in an eight-episode documentary series as he launches his Bespoke Couture line in America. Go behind the scenes for the high-stakes launch of a high-end fashion brand that's anything but a sure thing.

Influential expatriate American photographer William Klein worked for Vogue magazine from 1955 to 1965. When he made his debut feature film in 1966, he served up a caustic satire of worlds he knew intimately: high fashion and the media. Dorothy McGowan plays the titular Polly Maggoo, the latest supermodel of the Twiggy era, who is the subject of a TV documentary by a French journalist (Jean Rochefort). Cult actress Grayson Hall (“Dark Shadows”) costars as an American publisher, a character rumored to be closely based on Diana Vreeland.

Filmmaker Loïc Prigent’s fascinating, witty and infectiously joyous look within a leading fashion house focuses on the evolution of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2004-2005 collection. From Karl Lagerfeld’s initial sketches and their first interpretation by veteran seamstresses to the climactic show as the models strut the catwalk, Signé Chanel presents a loving depiction of an enclosed, esoteric world.

Bringing the same intimate insight into the fashion world as his previous acclaimed documentary series SIGNE CHANEL, filmmaker Loïc Prigent focus on Marc Jacobs, called the most influential designer of his generation. This witty portrait follows Jacobs as he balances roles as artistic director of venerable French house Louis Vuitton and his own eponymous American line, in meetings, preparing collections and at high-profile shows. With Naomi Campbell, Sophia Coppola and Uma Thurman. "Artfully told with humor and panache" -- Vogue.

Overshadowed by the glamour and hype is the sobering fact that making it in the fashion industry is incredibly difficult. Concerned as to where the next generation of visionary designers will come from, a group of industry insiders established a mentoring prize competition for young designers. Filmmaker Douglas Keeve (UNZIPPED) follows four of the most promising finalists, who range from the shy daughter of dry-cleaner to a charming couple who sold their work to a major retailer while they were still in school.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld, the man who defined high fashion at Chanel, Chloé and Fendi during the 1980s and 1990s, continues to be a major influence on international taste and style. Known for his bold and witty creations, Lagerfeld mixes the chic and the sensual to produce clothing with “intellectual sexiness.” German documentary filmmaker Gero von Boehm’s career profile and lively interviews present a creative snapshot, capturing of one of the last kings of the fashion world working tirelessly at what he loves.

In this companion piece to his biographical profile YVES ST. LAURENT: TIME REGAINED, filmmaker David Teboul peers behind the doors of one of the world's leading fashion houses. As he prepared his last women's collection in 2001, St. Laurent allowed cameras to observe the evolution of his vision for the first time. During roughly eight weeks, St. Laurent's simple black-and-white drawings are transformed through many iterations into glorious, colorful reality. A rare and revealingly intimate glimpse of the creative process in action.

While Australian filmmaker Gillian Armstrong is celebrated for dramatic features such as MY BRILLIANT CAREER and OSCAR AND LUCINDA, she has also concurrently created a notable body of documentary films. Here she delves into the fascinating enigma of flamboyant designer Florence Broadhurst, renowned for her colorful and inventive wallpaper patterns, who was found murdered in 1977. What Armstrong reveals in this innovative and spirited life examination is the story of a mysterious woman of many faces who was endlessly reinventing herself.

I am most excited to see Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton because it is the only one that I haven't seen, but heard a lot about. Let me know if you happen to catch any of these!
For the complete schedule, click here or here.
*Click here to see my post about Signe Chanel.
**Click here to see my post about Karl Lagerfeld is Never Happy Anyway
***Click here to see my post about Unfolding Florence

01 February 2008

love(notes): versace

Prince @ V&A Golden Age of Couture Gala, Sept 2007
This picture is from last year, but when I saw it today, I immediately zoomed into the Versace pumps in the front...followed by Prince's heels, then the ashy knees in the back. But back to the Versace pumps. These shoes were definitely the highlight of my day. They have been all over Project Runway this season, which is probably why I can't find them. They were at Bluefly...

Versace black patent leather mary-jane pumps
Color: Black / Palladium • Glossy patent leather upper • Softly pointed toe • Side cut-out detail • Ankle strap with button closure • Leather lining • Leather sole • Silvertone plating at back of heel • 4¼'' covered heel ace mary-jane • Leather • Made in Italy

But are no longer available. These are these at ShoeMall...

Bobbi Blu Women's Gail Pump
Patent leather upper • Terry cloth lining • Cushioned insole • Rubber sole • 3-1/8" patent leather-wrapped heel • Adjustable buckle closure

But they just aren't the same. It is all about the sidecut and heel.
from thestylemusings.com

26 January 2008

front(lines): disney

As part of Disney's "Dream Portrait Series," photographer Annie Leibovitz created this "Where you never have to grow up" shot featuring Gisele Bündchen as Wendy Darling, Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan and Tina Fey as Tinker Bell (below)...so funny.

From Bündchen: "Coming onto this whole set, it feels like you are living the whole Peter Pan story. When I think of all the Disney stories, it actually is my favorite. It isn't just like a princess finding her prince; Peter was more about finding a true adventure and a different thing, you know?"

All of this is part of Disney's Year of a Million Dreams" celebration campaign. Other celebs featured - "Where a whole new world awaits": Jennifer Lopez as Jasmine, husband Marc Anthony as Aladdin and soar Whoopi Goldberg as Genie; "Where dreams run free": Jessica Biel as Pocahontas. Since January 2007, Leibovitz has featured Beyoncé, David Beckham, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, Roger Federer, Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin in scenes playing out their Disney fantasies.

22 January 2008

love(notes): ysl

I've always liked Erykah Badu for her individual style...making fashion wrongs look so good. Here she is rocking the geek chic look. But I would like you to divert your attention to her footwear. She is wearing the Yves Saint Laurent Platform Loafer available @ Barneys.

Canvas platform peep toe loafer with leopard toe. Patent leather decorative strap and trim. 105mm patent covered heel. Leather sole. Fabric/leather upper. Available in Beige/Dark Brown. Made in Italy. $675
from thestylemusings.com
photo cred: splash & barneys.com

21 January 2008

idle(prattle): car clearing

I am selling my car which means that I have to clean it out. I started this afternoon and got as far as I could before my hands froze off. I have found the usual loose change and receipts. But then I started finding things that I either completely forgot about or had no clue where they came from. I have found,

a tape measure
3 mugs
a movie script
a font reference guide
pantone cards and paint cards
an art history manual
a tea guide
2 novels
5 magazines
4 maps
a cell phone charger (from two phones ago)
a make-up bag
2 gift bags
a box of envelopes
an infinity of pens (never could find one when I needed!)
a highlighter
two 9" shiny gold stars
7 shoes (not 7 pairs, just seven shoes that may or may not match)
a t-shirt
a pink top
a dress
a sweater
5+ water bottles (stopped counting)
3 totes bags

Where exactly am I going with all of this stuff?!? Most of the stuff was shoved under the seats, in pockets behind the seats or in the tote bags, but still! I tried to imagine if a stranger went through the car, what kind of person would they think I am. Some of the things I can explain, while others, I just look at as if they were alien artifacts. I can't do anything now but laugh and bask in my new found treasures. Actually, half went straight into the garbage & recycling bin.

20 January 2008

front(lines): lanvin redux

These are so ridiculously pretty. Plus they aren't that scary. These are why I like looking at the advertising more than the editorial content sometimes (sorry). I like the purposeful blurry edges, it gives them a surreal, painted look.
photo: tfs/original sin and luxx

19 January 2008

love(notes): veronica webb

At cocktail party hosted by Veronica Webb and Donna Karan Thursday night at Urban Zen Boutique in New York City.
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