21 January 2008

idle(prattle): car clearing

I am selling my car which means that I have to clean it out. I started this afternoon and got as far as I could before my hands froze off. I have found the usual loose change and receipts. But then I started finding things that I either completely forgot about or had no clue where they came from. I have found,

a tape measure
3 mugs
a movie script
a font reference guide
pantone cards and paint cards
an art history manual
a tea guide
2 novels
5 magazines
4 maps
a cell phone charger (from two phones ago)
a make-up bag
2 gift bags
a box of envelopes
an infinity of pens (never could find one when I needed!)
a highlighter
two 9" shiny gold stars
7 shoes (not 7 pairs, just seven shoes that may or may not match)
a t-shirt
a pink top
a dress
a sweater
5+ water bottles (stopped counting)
3 totes bags

Where exactly am I going with all of this stuff?!? Most of the stuff was shoved under the seats, in pockets behind the seats or in the tote bags, but still! I tried to imagine if a stranger went through the car, what kind of person would they think I am. Some of the things I can explain, while others, I just look at as if they were alien artifacts. I can't do anything now but laugh and bask in my new found treasures. Actually, half went straight into the garbage & recycling bin.

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