09 March 2008

direct(transit): practicality is overrated

My best friend was over while I was unpacking and picked this up and asked if it was a bomb. I don't know if I should be worried that she thinks I'm making bombs, or is that more a reflection of her? It is actually my travel jewelry case. We then started talking about how practical the case was and she commented how rare it was for me to have something that practical. Again, should I be worried?

We have all come across something in a store that caught our eye. We picked it up, examined it, thought to ourselves "This would be nice to have. It is "cute" yet practical....but I really don't need it." You put it down and go your merry way. You put it down because it either wasn't (insert adjective) enough, too (insert adjective), diverted your attention from the real shopping mission, or reason that you'll never need an oversized umbrella, right? However, it never fails, a couple days,weeks, months go by and you find yourself wishing that you could replace the impulsive buy of that peach colored tutu with a nice pair of rain boots.

I got my case when I bought my Godmother one as a present. It is easier to buy someone else something practical and you can piggy back. Plus, carrying your jewelry around in a jewelry case is a lot better than carrying your baubles around in this,

When you are traveling, your earrings have a home other than the interior pocket of your handbag. Also, if you carry a large handbag like me, you can get a smaller case to support your traveling wardrobe changes.

A of couple of things to consider:

  • What kind of jewelry do you wear/travel with? For example, an excess of bracelets vs. stud earrings. Inspect the compartments and features to make sure it is made to hold your kind of jewelry. Also, take into consideration size and depth to fit what you need and how you pack.
  • Case (hard) vs. Bag/Roll (soft). I am a little rough, so I prefer a case because I know I am not crushing anything. And I don't have to worry about what I put it beside getting crushed. The hard case is obviously less flexible and tends to take up more space than a bag or roll.
  • Some cases come with a lock, just don't lose the little key. Some cases also come with a mirror which is a nice extra feature and some jewelry rolls double as jewelry cleaning clothes.

from thestylemusings.com
photo cred: jewelry case- caw; freezer bags- glad

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