03 February 2008

front(lines): lv on tv

A still from Vuitton's 90-second ad. It features ordinary people rather than celebrities. ( Louis Vuitton)

Last week, Louis Vuitton announced that it would launch their first ever TV campaign. The first will be a travel-themed 90-second spot that was shot in France, Spain, India and Japan. It will debut Feb. 15 and will run on cable and satellite television channels & in cinemas around the world. Vuitton states that the ads will be shown in "rigorously selected cinemas" and on cable and satellite channels that attract "well-traveled audiences", including CNN, BBC World, and the Golf Channel. And will not be shown on channels such as TF1, which has the biggest audience in France.

This is a huge step for LV and the luxury market, because they tend to advertise in magazines -- specifically to their taget market. By advertising on TV, they are taking luxury mass market. You probably would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of Louis Vuitton, but I bet if you were to dig deeper, fewer would really know the exact pattern, the history, and just the overall feel. I am definitely curious to see the first spot.


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