10 May 2008

front(lines): upmarket charity

Oxfam charity has just introduced a new concept in selected "boutiques." Donated clothes will be overhauled by young designers from the London College of Fashion. There will also be clothes and accessories from ethical fashion labels such as People Tree and Wright & Teague.  To celebrate the launch, seven British designers have made one-off pieces using clothes from the charity shop which will be auctioned on eBay. For example, Giles Deacon created a bright orange and green 1950s-style dress made from a pair of curtains and Stephen Jones constructed a hat made from pillowcases printed with a map of London.

Jane Shepherdson, of former Topshop fame, is working behind the scenes with Oxfam on this project. She is quoted as saying - "People don't want to spend money on fast fashion when money is tight. They want sustainable fashion."

I love this idea, they are basically saving us the step of what many usually do with clothes bought from charity shops - reengineering and designing.

photo cred & source: the guardian

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