14 February 2008

idle(prattle): v-day

THIS is my Valentine's gift from my boyfriend. Jealous much?

One of the reasons that I love my boyfriend (as if THIS wasn't enough) is that when I elbowed and pushed him out of my path to get to the Jimmy Choo boutique, instead of getting upset, I am thinking that he took a mental note that this place might be an important priority. Or if I am looking through one of my magazines and shove a picture of whatever handbag/shoe/dress I am purring over because there isn't anyone else in arm length distance, instead of totally ignoring me...he tries his best to mumble something nice about it.. Now this is a man who does not know a platform from a wedge, but he knows his girl! I am not a huge jewelry person (though if given a piece, I will not turn it down...) but I do love me some shoes. Best. gift. ever.

Happy Valentine's Day!
photo cred: caw

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