21 December 2008

idle(prattle): the greatness of the shopping cart

Last weekend as I started Christmas shopping for my friends and family, I ended up at a mall that I have never been to before and was warned that it was not that great. But I felt that anything was better than watching a bunch of boys play rock band. The warnings were right and overall it was kind of depressing.  Surprisingly, it was not crowded.  I came across a bookstore and picked up a few "bestseller" presents. I was feeling pretty good about the whole gifting experience until I walked about three stores down. Heavy books + walking = not fun.

I passed the locked up strollers and I was tempted to rent one, if only I had a child.  I could just pretend that one was buried somewhere underneath all my books and sweaters. Oh well,  I would just have to suck it up. I ducked into one of the department stores to get a gift for my mom.  To my right, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a shopping cart. Yet, it was compact with little pockets and the wheels, aerodynamic. I slowly walked toward it like it was some sort of mythical creature. I was kind of confused because I have never seen a department store have a shopping cart before. But I was not going to complain due to my aching shoulder and numb fingers.

I spent more time and money then I planned, as I glided through the store - throwing hats, scarves, shoes, everything in my cart. This is great! Why don't more department stores have shopping carts? I know it might seem a little tacky, but I had never been so happy and spent more money because I didn't have to carry anything. I went into another department store and they had carts too! Okay, this mall is not as bad as I thought. I did not find anything at that store, but it was nice to take a break from lugging bags around.

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