06 January 2008

style(hunt): blue shoes

There are two things that I like about this picture. The chair and the shoes, but for the purposes of this conversation, let us focus on the shoes. I can't tell if they are satin or the same material as the chair, I just like the sheen and the color regardless. When I saw them and the follow thought process took place -

Why don't I have blue shoes? I have the obligatory blacks & browns, then the reds, greens, yellows, whites, silvers, greys, golds, bronzes, beiges/camels/tans, hot pinks, light pinks but no blue? And while I'm thinking about it, no purple either. Strange. Are her shoes purple instead of blue? I need both either way. Well, I do have that navy blue pair, but they aren't shiny. And then there are those dark turquoise heels, but those are more in the green realm. Come to think of it, I don't have a lot of blue anything. Except my jeans, but those don't count, because they really aren't "blue" you know.

This conversation sounded much more intellectual in my head. Like most things that I discover that I like and 'need,' I hit the internet. In this case, Zappos. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but one of the reasons that I started this blog was to justify the insane amount of time that I window shop online. Here's the shoes...

[1] BCBGirls, Nice: patent upper. pointed toe. lightly padded insole. covered heel. rubber outsole for added comfort. made in brazil. 3.75" heel. 6.00 oz. color is called oil blue. $92.95 When I saw these, the song Electric Avenue popped into my head. I've discovered that when a piece of clothing/accessory/shoe sings to me, I better listen.

[2] KORS Michael Kors, Lush: crackled metallic upper. leather footbed. matching stiletto heel. leather sole. made in italy. 3.5" heel. 5.80 oz. color is called colbalt. $273.95. Standard pump silhouette with a cool metallic finish and color.

[3] Moschino: crackled metallic leather upper. leather lining. leather sole. made in italy. 4" heel. color is called blue $495. I know that it isn't exactly the right color, but I guess I just really like crackled leather. Oh, and the t-strap double buckle. These are my favorite pair.

[4] Franco Sarto, Chili: peep toe pump. suede upper. inside open shank. lightly padded footbed. covered heel. synthetic sole. 3.5" heel. 7.00 oz. color is called electric blue. $82.95. I liked the heel, the peep toe and the d'orsay sides. Pretty much everything.

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