16 January 2008

idle(prattle): mission organization

I left the house last week with the sole mission of getting the house organized. Seven hours later, I came home with a wondrous supply of organizational gadgetry and two additional items I smuggled in under a Rubbermaid lid.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

Erin Fetherston dress from Target.
Interesting stories (excuses) for both. I stumbled upon this mascara last year:
A girlfriend & I were out running errands.
Her boyfriend called to invite us to this supersonic party.
Not enough time to make it back to her flat and my hotel to get ready.
His flat was closer.
Pit stop to H&M and Boots to get party supplies.
My refusal to buy expensive make-up that I already owned.
Needed cheap substitute.

This is one of the best mascaras that I've come across for the price. It is really inexpensive, yet it does not dry out and really builds up my lashes. I now use it on a regular basis. You can go to the Rimmel site to find out where to buy.

However, what I was really excited about was this Erin Fetherston dress from Target. It is currently available online for $31.49 on clearance. However, I found it in the store also on clearance for $11.24. The last one in the store. Yep.

As I was doing my dressing room dance...you know you have one....it reminded me of this dress that is burnt into my mind. I went on the Jam Cruise a couple years back, and there was this girl dancing beside me. She had on this black flapper dress with the tassels and she was just shimmying away. And I was jealous, yet in awe. In my mind, we were battling. We were tied until she pulled out these little black gloves. It was over. Ever since then, I've wanted a dress that I could shimmy in without being too costume-y. And I found it. If only I knew where she is now. I am so ready for a re-match.
photo creds: drugstore.com & target

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