30 September 2009

intrigue(motif): mirrored furnishings

Mirrored Bureau
I don't know how practical these are for the long-term and I don't know if I am just going through a phase, but I have a real itch for mirrored furniture. I need to have a serious talk with my fiancé but I am dreaming of having these pieces or their close relatives in my life in the near future.

Mirrored Nightstand

Mirrored Dresser
photo cred: neiman marcus

25 September 2009

idle(prattle): thank you, kind of

Thanks Schmanks

I have about ten thank-you notes that I have procrastinated in writing. I am a little old fashion and write thank-you notes that require the services of the post office. Yes, sometimes it is just easier to shoot off an email, but for certain occasions I just think real paper is needed. It also takes a little more effort, hence my laziness. But I know I still get very excited when I get a piece of mail that is not a bill & that unexpected thank-you note can make someone's day. Plus, since I have a secret love affair with stationery it all works out. I like looking for note cards that are unique and often imagine having a stationery box filled with cards for any occasion -- thank you for alerting me about that sample sale -- when I am trying to conjure the spirit of Martha Stewart. But right now I just have a designated drawer in my desk. Also, friends' parents aside, my thank you notes tend to be a little snarky.

Thanks Man

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks for Letting Me Stay

21 September 2009

home(stead): inès de la fressange

I love looking at how people design their spaces and I think that is why I love looking at The Selby so much. I always wonder how people are able to get away with being so minimalistic and still LIVE in their home. I enjoy walking into one of my rooms and appreciating the small knick-knacks and trinkets that only possibly have value to me. And yes, sometimes my organization methods only make sense to me, but I believe everyone is allowed that luxury. All of these reasons are probably why I like Inès de la Fressange's office so much. You can tell that it is arranged just for her and no one else. I love all the shoes scattered around and the notes from her famous friends that just happen to be placed about. And if you could not imagine how she can function in this particular space, I guess that's the point. Hmm...did I just answer my own question? My home office is the one room in the house where I can unleash my design madness and the fiancé can't say a word.

photo cred: the selby

20 September 2009

mag(rac): vanity fair

Photographer Michael Roberts recently shot Zoë Saldana for a Vanity Fair spread called Uptown Girl that definitely has a Harlem Renaissance vibe - which just also happens to be one of my favorite historical periods. Zoë wears Lavin, Zac Posen, Burberry, Donna Karan, Bottega Venta, and Stephen Jones Millinery throughout.

from thestylemusings.com

14 September 2009

ciné(screen): miss pettigrew lives for a day

I am slowly discovering why people just elope or go to the courthouse. In a moment of de-stressing, I decided to watch a movie and that movie was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It was actually a really cute movie and I even got a little inspiration. Plus halfway through I realized that Ned from Pushing Daisies,  was one of Miss. Lafosse's suitors. Love that show. Anywho, the movie takes place in 1939 right before the start of WWII. With most movies during this time frame, they are a little dark just because of this moment in history; this one however was bright, colorful, and the sets were amazing. I found myself focusing in a the random clock in the background or the detailing etched into a door. Sarah Greenwood is the production designer responsible for stuffing so much glamour onto one screen. It is no surprise that she also worked as production designer for Atonement, Pride & Prejudice and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes - which comes out this Christmas.

06 September 2009

mag(rac): i-D

Making of the i-D September 2009 cover featuring the models Arlenis, Chanel, Jourdan, Sessilee by Emma Summerton.

from thestylemusings.com

01 September 2009

ciné(screen): inglourious basterds

After seeing Inglourious Basterds with my fiancé, he told me that he could tell I really liked it because it actually kept my attention throughout. You see, usually when we go to a movie I start squirming at about the hour and a half marker. It is really hard to keep my attention for an extended amount of time, so if I can sit still for almost two hours, we are good. Other than the overall plot and acting - which were amazing - I loved the costumes. I am particularly drawn to historical pieces and this one was not the exception. I got tickled when I saw Julie Dreyfus in the scene with that tiger on her head. It is so ridiculous, yet it works for some insane reason.

However, I want Mélanie Laurent's entire wardrobe. For most of the movie, she had on very masculine outfits that really stood out from the rest of the women, but that is what I liked about it. But then when she switched it up to bombshell, she pulled that off too. In all, she made me want to buy a ticket to Paris, find a cafe to hole up in with my book and red wine.

And not to be left out from the trio of women, Diane Kruger played a German movie star and most definitely dressed the part, which unfortunately was part of her downfall.

photo cred: imdb
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