01 September 2009

ciné(screen): inglourious basterds

After seeing Inglourious Basterds with my fiancé, he told me that he could tell I really liked it because it actually kept my attention throughout. You see, usually when we go to a movie I start squirming at about the hour and a half marker. It is really hard to keep my attention for an extended amount of time, so if I can sit still for almost two hours, we are good. Other than the overall plot and acting - which were amazing - I loved the costumes. I am particularly drawn to historical pieces and this one was not the exception. I got tickled when I saw Julie Dreyfus in the scene with that tiger on her head. It is so ridiculous, yet it works for some insane reason.

However, I want Mélanie Laurent's entire wardrobe. For most of the movie, she had on very masculine outfits that really stood out from the rest of the women, but that is what I liked about it. But then when she switched it up to bombshell, she pulled that off too. In all, she made me want to buy a ticket to Paris, find a cafe to hole up in with my book and red wine.

And not to be left out from the trio of women, Diane Kruger played a German movie star and most definitely dressed the part, which unfortunately was part of her downfall.

photo cred: imdb

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