14 September 2009

ciné(screen): miss pettigrew lives for a day

I am slowly discovering why people just elope or go to the courthouse. In a moment of de-stressing, I decided to watch a movie and that movie was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It was actually a really cute movie and I even got a little inspiration. Plus halfway through I realized that Ned from Pushing Daisies,  was one of Miss. Lafosse's suitors. Love that show. Anywho, the movie takes place in 1939 right before the start of WWII. With most movies during this time frame, they are a little dark just because of this moment in history; this one however was bright, colorful, and the sets were amazing. I found myself focusing in a the random clock in the background or the detailing etched into a door. Sarah Greenwood is the production designer responsible for stuffing so much glamour onto one screen. It is no surprise that she also worked as production designer for Atonement, Pride & Prejudice and the upcoming Sherlock Holmes - which comes out this Christmas.

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