21 September 2009

home(stead): inès de la fressange

I love looking at how people design their spaces and I think that is why I love looking at The Selby so much. I always wonder how people are able to get away with being so minimalistic and still LIVE in their home. I enjoy walking into one of my rooms and appreciating the small knick-knacks and trinkets that only possibly have value to me. And yes, sometimes my organization methods only make sense to me, but I believe everyone is allowed that luxury. All of these reasons are probably why I like Inès de la Fressange's office so much. You can tell that it is arranged just for her and no one else. I love all the shoes scattered around and the notes from her famous friends that just happen to be placed about. And if you could not imagine how she can function in this particular space, I guess that's the point. Hmm...did I just answer my own question? My home office is the one room in the house where I can unleash my design madness and the fiancé can't say a word.

photo cred: the selby

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