25 September 2009

idle(prattle): thank you, kind of

Thanks Schmanks

I have about ten thank-you notes that I have procrastinated in writing. I am a little old fashion and write thank-you notes that require the services of the post office. Yes, sometimes it is just easier to shoot off an email, but for certain occasions I just think real paper is needed. It also takes a little more effort, hence my laziness. But I know I still get very excited when I get a piece of mail that is not a bill & that unexpected thank-you note can make someone's day. Plus, since I have a secret love affair with stationery it all works out. I like looking for note cards that are unique and often imagine having a stationery box filled with cards for any occasion -- thank you for alerting me about that sample sale -- when I am trying to conjure the spirit of Martha Stewart. But right now I just have a designated drawer in my desk. Also, friends' parents aside, my thank you notes tend to be a little snarky.

Thanks Man

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks for Letting Me Stay

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