25 February 2010

love(notes): suzan fellman

Bespoke Chanel Silk Scarf Chandelier by Suzan Fellman

I really love this Chanel scarf chandelier by Suzan Fellman but again if someone tried to take my scarf for this project....hmmm.  The chandelier is "draped with genuine pearls and gold-plated vintage beads and chain." Each shade is made from an authentic vintage Chanel silk scarf and is attached to a gold-plated ceiling plate.

There are also Chanel and YSL chairs, upholstered "with specially selected, vintage scarf squares with waterjet-cut Lucite legs."  Each chair is designed around the three vintage designer scarves that comprise it, so no two are ever alike.

Bespoke Silk Scarf Chairs by Suzan Fellman

photo cred: suzan fellman & vivre

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