10 February 2010

love notes: globe-trotter

Globe-Trotter® Centenary 13" vanity case, $800.00

The other night I was window shopping online at J. Crew and stumbled upon the Globe-Trotter® collection. Yellow luggage. Even more, it has that vintage suitcase look. ♥ Imagine, never ever confusing your luggage at the baggage claim.  Not fighting over a piece and trying to convince a former cabin mate that the generic black bag is yours and not theirs.

Which brings me back to my current love - yellow luggage. Since it is yellow, yes it'll get dirty quicker. As a result, that is why there are a lot of black bags rolling around. But odds are, for this particular set of luggage, which roughly equates to taking a family of four on vacation (including tax and gratuity), you should to be traveling on a private plane. Just saying. Therefore, luggage is not mishandled and stays smudge free. Otherwise you run a high risk of being detained after making a because of the conveyor belt marking on your precious luggage. Just is case, it also comes in black.

Globe-Trotter® Centenary 21" trolley case, $1,350.00

Globe-Trotter® Centenary 28" suitcase with wheels, $1,600.00
Globe-Trotter® Centenary 30" extra-deep suitcase with wheels, $1,675.00
Globe-Trotter® Centenary 33" extra-deep suitcase with wheels, $1,750.00

photo cred: jcrew.com

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