05 August 2009

idle(prattle): luxury cycling

I have a secret. I don't know how to ride a bicycle. Don't judge. Christian Dior couldn't ride one either. I do have fond memories racing along with my training wheels. Then my dad decided it was time to take those off and traumatized me forever. I have managed to avoid putting myself into situations that include riding a bike. I went to a wedding last year where I bumped into a friend who just came off of a cross country bike trip. She was trying to get us all to ride bikes around the island. Thank goodness the majority of my friends prefer partying to biking. Situation diverted. Before that, I was dating this guy and I let slip that I didn't know how to ride a bike. He thought it was cute and wanted to teach me how to ride. I thought it would be a good idea too; a sweet date in the park. That is until I started imagining me freaking out and with scabby knees. No thank you. I think I would be more motivated if I had a cute bike. One with a basket and a bell and possibly streamers. Painted in jadeite. And a matching helmet.

Keeping the dream alive.  I want a bike that is me, that I trust to ride because I'll admit that I am a little scared. I have been looking at Electra bikes, customizing them in my head. Not sure if I really buy in to the theory of a bicycle being the IT girl's fashion accessory but I do really like the blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic which features fashionable Copenhageners (and others) on their bicycles. Inspiration. Still searching, but during my hunt I've discovery the niche of the luxury bike. I clearly don not know enough about bikes to know if the specs on these bikes are impressive but they are still very interesting.

Fendi Abici Amante Donna
$5,900 - $9,500 available exclusively from Fendi flagship stores

Hermès Bicycle
$4,000 available at hermes.com

Gucci Cruiser Bicycle
$6365 available at gucci.com

Chanel Bicycle
$12,400 limited edition

Cynthia Rowley Beach Cruiser
$550 available at cynthiarowley.com

James Perse Cruiser
available exclusively at James Perse boutiques

Aurumania 24k Gold Plated Bicycle
$26,791.83 or $102,418.60 with Swarovski Crystals

Hublot “All Black” Bicycle
limited edition, available exclusively through Hublot stores

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