14 December 2007

idle(prattle): jeffrey

I got this postcard from Jeffrey in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to scan it. Laziness.

That's it. On the other side is my address and their return address.  Here is what went through my head,

There is no date or what is actually on sale.
*flip it over*
There really is no date on this thing.
*flip it back over*
What is actually on sale?
I know its not the whole store.
I hate them.
And you know what, this postcard is kind of cheap looking.
Why is this so cheap?
No colors, no graphics, thin paper.
I mean the store isn't cheap, but they send me something so cheap?
They want to me come in and spend my money and they send me this cheap little thing?
*put it down on the table*
*30 secs pass*
*pick it back up*
I guess it fits in their minimalist, black & white style.
I guess that's kind of cool...'we're having a sale. you're either in or out'
And they don't have a lot of sales do they?
And they were nice enough to let me know.
You know i should go ahead and stop by.
Just in case i am getting this late.
You can never know.
It might be the whole store!
Where are my car keys?

I guess the moral of the story is who knew that so little could create so much. Or maybe I am  bi-polar. Only when it comes to shopping though.

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