22 December 2007

idle(prattle): holiday spirit

I was picking up some last minute gifts yesterday. After dealing with several traffic jams, parking lot mishaps, and just a overwhelming presence of people, I found myself very grumpy, in the check out behind a woman who had on (close your eyes and imagine) -- bright red leather loafers, red & green plaid pants, a red turtleneck and an ornate sweater with a Christmas tree and a snowman on the left & right sides. Nice. I tried to divert my attention elsewhere, but my eyes kept drifting back to her....like a magnet.

I didn't want to be rude, so I just looked down. Then I started to feel her looking at me. So I looked back up.

HER:   Look at the line of people behind us!  
*Turn around to see that I am no longer the last person. There are now at least 20 people behind us*
ME: Hmmm. Looks like we got here at the right time.
HER:    I know! There are so many people out this time of year!  
ME: Yeah. It is kind of hard to have Christmas spirit, having to deal with all these people.
*She taps my arm in agreement, one of the tree ornament bells on her sweater jingles and an angel gets its wings* 
HER:  That is so true! It is hard! 
ME: ...*blank stare*...

Thank goodness it was time for her to go to the next register. Correct if I'm wrong, but I thought Christmas spirit would have automatically come with and built into, the red & green plaid pants. No?

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