13 March 2010

mag(rac): numero

Numero #111 March 2010
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Models: Elisa Sednaoui & Baptiste Giabiconi

11 March 2010

style(hunt): briefcase

Chanel Perspex Briefcase
When I was a child, my dad would let me play with his old leather briefcase. It was auburn brown with gold hardware and I would carry it around the house like I had important business. It was the era of power dressing. An Alex P. Keaton in the making. In all actuality, it was only filled with my drawings, markers and whatever baubles I treasured at that time. I was allowed to play with it because my dad had upgraded to a sleek, black crocodile case with silver hinges and lock. Maybe this childhood experience is why I've always wanted a briefcase. I remember thinking that I wanted a chrome one as a college graduation gift in anticipation of my first job. That was when I still used sitcoms as a gauge for my future. I really thought high school would be like Save By the Bell. So disappointing.

One doesn't really see people with briefcases anymore. Messenger, tote and computer bags, yes. Briefcases, no. I am talking about the old-fashioned, hardside *knock, knock, knock* attaché case. I had a professor who carried one. It was this worn, clunky thing at least a couple of decades old. He would walk into the classroom, put it on the front table, and pull out his notes. He would then proceed to lecture for an hour and a half straight with no slides or visual aids. The class was totally devoid of any type of technology since we were not even allowed to take notes on our computers, just pen and paper. It was as if he was letting you know upfront with his briefcase, his teaching style.

I still want a briefcase but really have no reason for one. My computer bag is still more functional. The biggest advantage is that it is hands free. Plus, do I want people to assume that I am carrying around a poker set or at best guess a gun? They are really only seen for ransom drops and other sketchy cash payoff. But I think I am just using TV as a reference again. Regardless, this reasoning didn't stop me from looking around to see what the modern age has to offer.

Tumi Tennyson Attache, $1,995

Asprey Bond Attache, £2,500

Vanguard Business Series Modern 84 Attache, $117.95

Rimowa Topas Aluminum Silver Attache Case, $945

Zero Halliburton 4" aluminum attaché, $550

Totally Bamboo Bamboo Attache Case, $218.95

Louis Vuitton Président, $4,200

09 March 2010

ciné(screen): savile row

The bespoke spell. That is the underlying theme of this three part documentary. Savile Row chronicles the present day state of the famed Mayfair street,
Its craftsmen and women are aging — the average tailor on the Row is 55 — and international merchandisers are entering the marketplace.  Documentarian Ian Denyer explores Savile Row’s illustrious tradition and how it is adjusting to the challenges of the 21st century.

During the three episodes, viewers see tailors' reactions as retailer Abercrombie & Fitch opens an outlet on the Row, the tailors' efforts to promote the Row tradition to customers abroad and fledgling apprentice tailors compete for the profession’s top award. As I watched, it was easy to be sentimental about an era, in some cases even more so than some of the tailors. For example, we accompany one digging around in a basement, going through the records of every single customer that has ever walked through its doors - figuratively. He is looking for the records of Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie de Montijo, which have been misplaced; recorded either under 'M' for Montijo or 'E' for Empress - even though 'E' doesn't make sense, since there "has been so many of them." The correct book is finally found in an dusty old cupboard with a radiator, chair and other retired equipment blocking the sticky doors.

I guess it is hard to get worked up about every single famous client when there have been so many, but there is something about having those records in a boiler room and not in some climate-controlled display cabinet. I am still waiting for someone to put on white gloves before flipping through the pages. The Row has such a rich tradition of tailoring that hasn't changed that much since the 1800s. However, as a 'brand' Savile Row has failed to keep up with the times and there is its catch-22. The introductory question:

      "Can the tailors get brand savvy without selling their souls?"      

photo cred: sundance channel

07 March 2010

front(lines): prada

"First Spring" by Yang Fudong
Prada S/S 2010 Menswear Campaign

Model/Actor: Jacob Coupe
Model/Actor: Adrien Sahores
Actor: Geng Le
Actor: Ji Lili
Actor: Zhao Lei
Actor: Gao Xiu Li
Director: Yang Fudong

03 March 2010

front(lines): valentino

The print campaign reminds me of the Louis Vuitton campaign with Madonna. Though, these were shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, not Steven Meisel. I know I am not the only one who sees the similarities? Regardless, I still love the composition.

from thestylemusings.com

01 March 2010

style(hunt): pin-up swimsuits

diana von furstenberg // michael kors

Last week I was IMing with one of my friends and we were swapping links of potential swimsuits. Of all the years that I have gone swimsuit shopping, I've never had a clear plan before walking into the store. I've had the mentality of as long as it looked good on me (or sometimes just settling with mildly looking good) I didn't care the style. As much as I love to shop, swimsuit shopping has always been a chore or a last minute errand.

While cyber shopping with her, I noticed that there were three dominent styles of the season the standard cut-out sexy or barely existent, the ruffle/fringe, and surprisingly retro bombshell. Okay, maybe I could get a little bit more excited. I saw them on the runway last year, but not so much in stores. I've decided that I wanted to do something a little different this season. A 1940/1950-ish suit with a modern twist. Eh? However, I also noticed that that many sites didn't provide a view of suit from the back. Seriously? I realize that finding a swimsuit is more of something to be done in person, but give a girl a little hint.

But back to the excitement -- I like the idea of a modern day pin-up girl. My friend says that to really pull off the look I need to be tatted up. I am going to have to disagree on that point, but I'll consider a temporary tattoo.

Leda Halter & Ruffle Brief

Becca® Butterfly one-shoulder bandeau top & Skirted scoop bottom

Carmen Marc Valvo retro one-piece

Esther Williams Vintage Swimsuit 50's Style

Esther Williams Vintage Swimsuit 50's Style

The Bettie - Retro Halter Swimsuit

Classic Bikini Swimsuit

The Betty Swimsuit

Retro Sailor Swimsuit

Halter Eight Suit

Bill Top & Bottom

runway photo cred: ivan lattuada/sgp; marcio madeira via style.com
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