01 March 2010

style(hunt): pin-up swimsuits

diana von furstenberg // michael kors

Last week I was IMing with one of my friends and we were swapping links of potential swimsuits. Of all the years that I have gone swimsuit shopping, I've never had a clear plan before walking into the store. I've had the mentality of as long as it looked good on me (or sometimes just settling with mildly looking good) I didn't care the style. As much as I love to shop, swimsuit shopping has always been a chore or a last minute errand.

While cyber shopping with her, I noticed that there were three dominent styles of the season the standard cut-out sexy or barely existent, the ruffle/fringe, and surprisingly retro bombshell. Okay, maybe I could get a little bit more excited. I saw them on the runway last year, but not so much in stores. I've decided that I wanted to do something a little different this season. A 1940/1950-ish suit with a modern twist. Eh? However, I also noticed that that many sites didn't provide a view of suit from the back. Seriously? I realize that finding a swimsuit is more of something to be done in person, but give a girl a little hint.

But back to the excitement -- I like the idea of a modern day pin-up girl. My friend says that to really pull off the look I need to be tatted up. I am going to have to disagree on that point, but I'll consider a temporary tattoo.

Leda Halter & Ruffle Brief

Becca® Butterfly one-shoulder bandeau top & Skirted scoop bottom

Carmen Marc Valvo retro one-piece

Esther Williams Vintage Swimsuit 50's Style

Esther Williams Vintage Swimsuit 50's Style

The Bettie - Retro Halter Swimsuit

Classic Bikini Swimsuit

The Betty Swimsuit

Retro Sailor Swimsuit

Halter Eight Suit

Bill Top & Bottom

runway photo cred: ivan lattuada/sgp; marcio madeira via style.com

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