08 June 2009

idle(prattle): what is vintage?

I was browsing through eBay's vintage category today and I stumbled upon a couple of items that made me question - "can you really slap the label on anything and call it vintage?"

I saw a "Dior" dress (in quotes because I am not quite sure that it is actually Dior) from 2005 that was billed at being vintage. Really? There was also a BCBG dress from the 90s that was vintage. Hmmm....

I wonder if this has to do with the seller's age or just trying to make their listing sound more appealing? I remember asking my mom for her "vintage" clothes from the 60s and here saying to me that they weren't vintage! As a child of the 90s, I question now if my clothes are now considered vintage? I just think they are old and are buried in my closet at my parents house. Maybe by the time I have children old enough to fit in them, I will be more apt to consider them vintage. I have a purse from the 80s that I consider vintage, but are the 90s up for the title too???

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