11 June 2009

idle(prattle): black & blue

I am in the middle of planning my wedding and have hit a roadblock. Surprisingly, it is from the guys. My bridesmaids' dresses are navy, almost a midnight blue. We have also decided that the guys are going to wear black suits. Now because I am letting them wear their own suits, I get to pick the shirt that they are all going to wear. I want it to be, wait for it...blue.

Before you cringe in horror, trust me they will look good! I had to do some runway & red carpet research to convince these boys that it will work and the tie that we are gifting them will bring it all together. Since I did all this work researching navy and black combos, I've decided to share. I have come to the conclusion that "fashion rules" are meant to be broken because there is always an exception to the rule. However, I think it is funny that some people are only willing to break them if someone goes before them ::sigh:: Plus, since everyone in the wedding party is rocking navy it won't seem like they accidentally put a blue shirt on.

Anne Hathaway @ the Golden Globes // Demi Moore at the House Bunny Premiere

Meadham Kirchhoff F08 // Jill Stuart F08

Erin Fetherston F08 // Balenciaga F09

From Sartorialist @ Marni F09 show // Bill Blass F03

(top, clockwise)
Courteney Cox, Marc Jacobs F07, Thakoon F07, Mary Kate Olsen, Anne Hathaway (wait...that's the same dress), Zooey Deschanel, Victoria Beckhamn

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