08 July 2007

style(hunt): shiny legs

If you watched Live Earth then you were probably inspired. Measured your carbon footprint and started looking for more energy efficient gadgets? Me too, so that is why I don't feel ashamed sharing that I also found fashion inspiration. I know that leggings are still in style but I was halfway over them. However, when Madonna came on stage - I asked myself - "are those shiny black leggings??" Now, I love Madonna but it was hard to concetrate on her performance because I was trying to get a closer look at her outfit. She finally took off the skirt portion and suddenly I was not only inspired to unplug my cell phone charger when not in use but to also hunt down some new shiny black leggings.

On closer inspection of Madonna's outfit, I am pretty sure that she is wearing a body suit/leotard/whatever but that is why we call it "inspired by" and I actually envisioned something a tad longer. So imagine my excitement when I found these at American Apparel (see below) - "Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging" for $34 plus they come in thirteen other colors than black. I am probably not going to wear them sans skirt or dress or long shirt; actually I can promise you that I won't. [Oh, and as an added bonus check out the custom Christian Louboutin Mary Jane's!]

Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging

photos of Madonna provided by Getty Images

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