11 July 2007

ciné(screen): karl lagerfeld is never happy anyway

Made in 2000 and a little less than an hour long, Karl Lagerfeld is Never Happy Anyway is a documentary directed by German filmmaker Gero von Boehm. The film is a behind-the-scenes view of Lagerfeld's life during fittings, sketching and his overall perspective of life and society - expressed during  interviews with Lagerfeld chopped in throughout.

It is by no means a mega insider's view or gossip riddled; plus, with most of the dialogue in German (there are subtitles) you do have to pay attention. I appreciated that during the fittings the focus was not so much of the critiquing of the models, but the work that is going on to create the show. At the fittings,  I loved how there are three or more different languages spoken on top of each other at any given time and then there is André Leon Talley weaving from English to French back to English and so on without missing a beat.

Karl Lagerfeld is a man of extremes and excess but certainly has an interesting drive,

    "Why do I have this drive?  
    Because the good moments scare me even more, than the bad ones do.  
  You can fight your way out of the bad ones.
    But fighting is not enough to hold on to the good ones...
     Reminds me of Marcuse – He said that happiness and a comfortable life are indecent."  
    -Karl Lagerfeld     

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