15 January 2010

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Moncler Gamme Rouge

Winter is my favorite season because the coldness means layering and layering means the opportunity to wear more stuff. I hoard during the summer and spring, catching all the good off-season sales and wait very impatiently to bring out my long hibernating purchases. I'll admit that sometimes I might wear some winter gear at the first sign of a temperature drop that might be a little too heavy duty for the actual weather, but I can't help it. However, when winter arrives, I am well prepared and fill in the gaps as I go. My go-to 'functional vs. fabulous' coat is an olive green puffy that is so warm that sometimes I sweat glisten in the dead of winter. I accessorize with scarves, gloves and hats but at the end of the day when one thinks of puffy coat, chic does not fall close behind. That's why going out at night or to events, I'll go with the cape or trench or leather or pea coat. Yes, I am warmer than not wearing a coat at all, but I can't help but yearn for my puffy as the wind whips by. Maybe this is why I fell in love with Moncler so easily. Gorgeous puffy wear adorned with fur, jewels and baubles. I'm inspired.

I purchased a puffy coat a couple years ago that has the same silhouette as the Tanya (below) -- especially the collar and length. That was the main reason I bought the coat, but after only one winter of wear, the zipper broke and it has its home in the back of the coat closet. I wear it only once or twice a season, because I have to step in and out of it to keep the bottom of the zipper together so it'll still zip; this means only wearing it to places I am not going to take off my coat and it is hard to foresee that all the time you know. But now, I am thinking about actually getting that stupid zipper fixed, find/make a bejeweled belt & oversize brooch and stepping out with my new Moncler inspired coat.

photo cred: moncler.com

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