16 July 2009

design(mode): louis vuitton

Before Kanye West took over the music world and we found out about his love affair with Louis Vuitton, he was one of the musicians that I accidentally discovered. You know the one that you realize will be huge and then you can look back as the rest of the world is just catching up and say - whatever, I knew about him years ago. The very first song that I remember him actually rapping on was Champions which is a remix of Queen's version. It features Kanye with Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel, Cam'ron, Young Chris & Twista. I remember Dame hyping Kanye on the record saying that even though he was a producer, he rapped better than most in the game. This was in 2002. This started my hunt for more and I found a mix tape called Kon The Louis Vuitton Don. This was before College Dropout was released.

As you can see, the Louis Vuttion logo is plastered all over the cover. I am not sure if this was authorized by LV (I am thinking not) but Kanye had an early fascination with the brand whether they liked it or not. Unlike other celebrities who have been sued by Louis Vuitton for trademark infringement,  it obviously worked out for both parties because we have heard for awhile about Kanye coming out with a LV men’s shoe line.

  "They chose to contact me. Who wouldn't want to work with Louis Vuitton? They're the number-one luxury brand. It lets people know you like nice things. I want to be the type of designer that inspires people, not follow other ideas. I want to be as innovative as Marc Jacobs has been. I want to go from being a fashion plate to being an innovator. This collaboration is a dream come true. I'm a walking billboard but to be able to now create something from scratch is amazing."  
- Kanye West via DazedDigital

His designs debuted at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year and officially went on sale July 1st. Three shoes make up the collection - the Don's, Mr Hudson and the Jasper’s. This month, GQ has a spread of Kanye wearing them. But truth be told, I am not really into sneakers. There have been many points in my life where I could claim that I didn't even own a pair. But I can accept that there are people who love their trainers - including my fiancé. This is the only type of fashion he actually gets excited about - and the occassional hat. So here is to him and his kind.

from thestylemusings.com
shoe photo cred: high snobiety

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