05 September 2007

idle(prattle): bluffing while shopping

I am very serious about my shopping endeavors. I make quick, decisive decisions when I am in the dressing room because I have anxiety that someone out there is grabbing my favorite colour dress, in my size, at 75% off, okay. I could go on, but I think my biggest annoyance is when someone is in front of the rack that I want to look at. I do the, "oh, I am just going to look at the rack beside you so I can immediately take your place once you take a step away" impatient browse through. Sometimes they move quickly, other times they linger. I am the latter when I am the person in front of the rack, I don't move until I am done. I know, hypocritical.

Anyway, I do have a trick to make them get out of my way faster -- I stumbled upon it yesterday while waiting for my mother. Position yourself close enough to the "mark" that they can hear you talking to yourself but far enough that they have to actually move to see what you are looking at. You pick up something, preferably similar to what they are looking at, and subtly examine it, coupled with a perky "hmmm...." Then look at the price tag and give a shocked/approving/surprised/omg that is cheap! sound. put the item back down and move away, the "mark" will go over to see what an incredible deal you just passed up and viola, their spot is now ours. use in moderation and best used in sale situations only.

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